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Experienced Professionals

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Company Profile


Management Resource B.V. provides professional services in all aspects of your business administration


from early-stage startups to as companies "on the bubble".


Elemetal B.V. asks for help!


YESDelft! Startup experienced in metal extraction from bottom ash from Waste Incinerators take up general management and financing services from Resource.


The founders of Elemetal B.V. looked for an experienced manager to guide them through start-up issues. Elemetal B.V. is looking to establishing a robust strategy, financing and execution plan. Management Resource will provide these services through a cooperation agreement between the two companies.


New Secure Communication Platform


Entrepreneur in web based communication have angaged Management Resource to help out with roll out of a safe, secure and private communication platform.


To prevent tracking of individuals on the internet to prevent identity theft and profiling, a group of investors have requested Management Resource to lead and implement the platform in 2013 and give back a fundamental right to internet users to surf the internet safe, secure and privately.